Television Wall Mounts


A standard flat screen, mounted on the wall can add a very attractive look to the design of a living room or other living spaces. The wall mount allows you to forgo a cabinet or tabletop or TV stand for the television. This allows more liveable space for daily activity. In addition, the TV installed close and symmetrical to the wall provides a really classy and modern look.

Nonetheless, it’s not just convenient for the living room. Having a television in the kitchen or the bedroom is also suitable to install with wall mounts for hanging. This allows more space in those areas and delivers a stunning look!

With more than 120 million television owning families, watching an average of 5 hours of television daily, there’s little doubt that we love our TV’s! There are various reasons why wall mounting your television would make a lot of sense, so if you’ve been putting it off because you’re anxious about the installation process, please reach out to Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance to set up an appointment and show you how efficient we are in installing a TV wall mount that will suit your needs.

The flat screen TV in the living room offers an incredible image, but the experience is better when the TV is wall mounted. Part of the process of installing the wall bracket is selecting the correct one. If you are trying to replace a large cabinet or TV stand then you also have to consider the cables and other components that are attached to a television and make sure that those appear streamlined as well.

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A standard flat screen, mounted on the wall can add a attractive look to the design of a living room or other living spaces.

the best Reasons to Mount your tV

Save More Space

Instead of purchasing massive furniture to house and support your television set and components that take up alot of space, why not mount the entire unit on the wall? It would allow many more decorative possibilities and imaginative options when there is more space available. You can use that space to incorporate additional seating or decorations, and enhance the entertainment experience.

Increases The TV’s Lifespan

Electronics function more effectively when they are installed and placed in a safe and secured location, Televisions these days are nicer, but they’re also more delicate. In situations such as natural disasters they are much more prone to being damaged versus the older CRT (cathode-ray tube) and vacuum tube televisions. Compared to those, our TV’s are more fragile. So making sure that when you mount a television it is mounted securely will help prevent it from being damaged and aid in maintaining a useful product for many years. 

Enjoy your TV from an optimal viewing angle

Wall mounts permit you to adjust your TV to the appropriate proper height and angle in order to provide the most comfortable viewing experience. They allow you to align perpendicularly or tilt forwards, backwards and at other angles to prevent neck and eye fatigue, and lessen the glare from windows and lights. You will have the best viewing angles, regardless of the time of day or where you sit in the room.

Simple Installation

You probably won’t believe it, but you can ordinarily mount a TV with the help of one other person in an hour or less. Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance are professionals who are knowledgeable and can easily install the hardware and television set quickly and efficiently and will ensure an absolutely straight TV, the first time!

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