For the normal American family, half of the general utility expenses goes to warming and cooling their homes. A smart thermostat is a helping hand that saves money by conserving energy.  Running your heater or AC at full power all of the time can cause your energy bills to continue to rise. If you’re not at home for significant amounts of time, do you truly require your home to be at 74 degrees in the summer or in the high 80s in the winter? 

Smart thermostats are new web-powered home technology that gives property holders energy savings, including convenience and peace of mind; it manages any device or system that heats or cools to a set temperature, for instance air conditioners, building heating, central heating, and any other WiFi-ready temperature devices. To install this device, you can do it yourself by referring to the manual or inquire of the store if they are able to provide step-by-step video tutorials. If you are having difficulties, you may call Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance and let us install it for you. 

For the normal American family, half of the general utility expenses goes to warming and cooling their homes. Using your AC at full capacity at all times would increase energy consumption, which leads to pricey bills

These are the reasons why you need to have a Smart Thermostat

Saving Money

The main advantage of programmable thermostats is they offer big savings.  A smart learning thermostat can automatically change the temperature when you’re at home making it very convenient. You can schedule a program that follows your family’s daily routines and keeps the temperature cool or warm while you’re there, which automatically turns off when you’re not at home.

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Less Time Adjusting

Homeowners love the fact that they can invest less time adjusting their thermostat because they have a programmable feature. With a manual thermostat, you invest more time to learn the system and to configure the settings during different events.

Utilizing a programmable thermostat can eliminate all of the time spent in front of your manual appliance. You can set a calendar once for every season, and afterwards forget about it, so you can concentrate on more important things.

Take Advantage of Time

Another advantage of programmable thermostats is that they allow you to take advantage during a typical day based on the temperature changes, the location of the sun and the season. When Spring arrives, and the morning or evening sun begins to warm up your home during the you can change your cooling plan. Likewise, during the winter, you can lower your heating power and let the warmth of the sun help keep the house comfortable.

Remote Control from Your Phone

In addition, a smart thermostat is associated with downloadable smart phone applications. These applications allow you to check the thermostat anywhere you have a data/Wi-Fi connection, and change the temperature if needed. A Wi-Fi thermostat is extremely helpful if you have to make changes remotely while at your workplace or on vacation.

Some individuals can’t wait to try smart thermostats, while others need to know whether they truly satisfy their expectations. Let us answer those concerns. At Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance, we can walk you through the thermostat’s features and support you to make sure a smart thermostat is suitable.

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