Surveillance Cameras

Monitoring SystemSurveillance Cameras transmit video through a closed circuit, which means the video recorded can’t be transmitted to any outside device. Surveillance cameras, screens and recorders are all configured to provide quick access to security footage. A Surveillance camera permits you to observe live recordings of what the camera is able to capture. The footage is sent additionally to a server where the contents are stored for later viewing. Surveillance cameras are commonly inconspicuous and implanted subtly so as not to be a major alert. Surveillance cameras can be set anywhere on the exterior or interior of a building or another structure. In order to hide the cameras you can camouflage in plants, behind speakers, or in many other places. Whether you want to monitor one location or many, a successful video surveillance system serves as a way to discourage, and to catch and report security violations on your property. With Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance video security solutions, we can monitor your home and office so you can concentrate on what matters.

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Why you should
install a surveillance camera

PictureCrime Deterrence

This is the greatest and most obvious advantage of installing surveillance cameras.   When they are installed, you will immediately understand and appreciate the impact it has on people very quickly.   As long as you install them cautiously and with discretion, you will begin enjoying a sense of security immediately.

If you ever are a victim of a robbery or any other crime, have concerns about employee tardiness, or work efficiency, your surveillance camera will provide you with solutions.   Surveillance cameras help to secure your home and office and prevent them from being easy targets.

Monitoring your Environment

Installing your surveillance camera system is amazingly simple, as long as it is installed nearby a power source.  Cameras can come in all shapes and sizes; some are tiny enough that they may blend in and be hidden by plants, within pictures frames, and so forth.    Dependent on your requirements you can purchase either hidden cameras or more obvious mountable ones.

Provide Evidence

Cameras are useful in a scenario that requires witnesses or requires proof to provide to law agencies, wherein the eye witness may have overlooked a significant detail or may be incorrect in their recollection of facts of how an event occurred. With a surveillance camera, the authorities would use the footage as part of their evidence and proof of how a situation had truly unfolded.

Maintain Records

Maintaining records is important. Records are useful in case of a situation in which you are tracking an event that occurred in the past- but need to verify whether the problem has been resolved or is at least showing signs of improvement.  In such a scenario you can track the status by reviewing your security records.  You would have the option to sort and organize based on the date and the hour of the event.

Whether it is a misdemeanor or a more serious crime, your camera records and maintains the record so that you may investigate it further.

Surveillance cameras are a fundamental component of a comprehensive security system.  Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance video security is glad to offer the experience and expertise to configure, install, service, and monitor a system that will accommodate your household and business needs.   If you’re searching for a basic video configuration for your home, or one to monitor your business, Eagle Eye Security & Surveillance video security can provide the solution you need!

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