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All home security systems work based on the same fundamental logic- to secure entry points, more specifically doors and windows. The goal is to guard the interior space which contains the client, the clients family, their assets, products, technology, weapons, and currency. Despite the size of your home, office or complex, and the number of entryways and windows, what really makes the difference is the amount of installed security components which are monitored through the control panel. Each security system is uniquely dependent upon the needs of the client.  The central control system is configured to immediately sound a high pitch alarm and alert the property holder directly or contact the company who is being paid to monitor these events. An easy to use, properly configured security system provides comfort and control to the owner, at their fingertips.

The security control panel is the Computer that arms and disarms the built-in security functions based on the features that have been installed. When there is a security breach in a specific zone, the alarm is triggered, and a signal is sent to the security monitoring company.

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Digital keypads


Digital Keypads can be installed wired or wireless. Some may be controlled from a cell phone if the functionality is available and at the clients request. The keypad is the tool which allows you to arm and disarm the system. It will also send an alert when there is a breach of security, or if there is another problem with the system. For example if a sensor is malfunctioning, the battery needs to be replaced, or the window or door is left ajar, etc… 


The door and window sensors typically are installed in two pieces. One component fits onto the entryway or window itself, while its counterpart attaches to the frame. When the sensors are connected, and the alarm is activated, it is functioning properly. When that seal is broken and the two pieces are separated such as the entryway or window is opened, they will provide this status in a display format on the alert panel.


Motion Sensors

Recognizes movements within the home and transmits that activity to the control panel. When there is motion, indicating an intruder a high-decibel siren is triggered when the home or building has been breached.

Surveillance cameras can be accessed by personal computers, cell phones, and other tablets. They are frequently utilized when homeowners are out of the country, in order to monitor any deliveries, and other events around the house, such as landscapers, caregivers for family members, and house sitters. They can also record any security breaches, which is useful in case evidence of criminal activity is required to provide to local authorities. 

Video can capture details about a perpetrator’s face, clothing, weapons, cars are driven, and other useful information.

Yards Signs And Window Stickers​


By all accounts, these items may appear as just advertising for different security companies, however they really provide a significant advantage in home security. When you place a company’s security sticker on a front window and plant their sign in your front yard, you are informing thieves your home is being monitored and that it may not be a wise decision to attempt to burglarize it. It is a good preventative step that all organizations should implement.

Expertly Monitored Home Security Systems:

When your security systems are professionally monitored by a security company, robbers and thieves are more hesitant to try and breach the security. They’d prefer not to trigger the high-decibel alarm, and alert the alarm company. When this happens the security company will alert the emergency contact and take additional steps.

Calling to Security System Company

“What Events Will Trigger An Alert?

During a break-in

The alarm company will call and alert the primary emergency contact in order to determine whether this is a legitimate concern or if it is a false alarm. If they do not connect with the emergency contact they will alert the local police or other acting security for your neighborhood. Be sure that they will go through the appropriate channels and alert the proper emergency response personnel in your area. This may include: police, firemen, and the paramedics. The alarm company will also continue to attempt to reach out to the Emergency contact, until the emergency response teams arrive.


Non-monitored Home Security Systems

There are a lot of DIY security systems available today that don’t include the professionally monitored services. In this case, when there is a security breach these systems typically will sound the same high-decibel alarm and the individual homeowners will be responsible for reaching out to the police, fire station, or other emergency staff by dialing them directly via 911. However, it is recommended to have a professional install the service to make sure that all features are functioning properly.

Installing Alarm Systems

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